Q: do you offer Military discounts?

A:  We work with our military, law enforcement, and fire fighters to offer them events at prices they can afford by waving our set ups fees for them in appreciation for their service. 

Q: Do you have  menu items for those with food sensitives?

A: Our menu has dairy free, meat free, gluten free, and low carb/keto options.  If you have food allergies that are life and health threatening, please provide your own meals as the risk of cross contamination is always present to spite our best efforts when cooking in a small environment.  Flour is in air, cheese is in our oven, and on our counters, perishables are in the same refrigerator, etc.  We are willing to do our best to minimize cross contamination, and provide you will a meal, but if you have allergies please error toward caution and do not consume our food. 

Q: Can I supply my own...?

A: Yes!  We only bring what you want us to bring to your event.

Q: How much notice do you need?

A: It takes us 3 days to make our dough.  We are often booked well in advance, but cancellations happen and there are usually holes in our schedule that need filling.  30 days notice is best to give us time to work out what you would like for your event, scout the location, etc.  That being said we are happy to help at the last minute if we do not have a prior engagement and have dough available.