When we created Sirius was knew we wanted to operate a little differently.  Sirius is not a typical food truck.  We focus on symbiotic relationships.  We only set up in locations that we really enjoy and that we know our customers will enjoy too.  While we will occasional do fair, festivals, and larger venues we are typically in smaller family owned, veteran owned venues.   For us food is about relationships, so we go where we like the owners and places that our pizza can pair beautifully with what the venue offers, typically craft breweries, vineyards, and cider makers.    We love to be a part of peoples personal events.  If there is a party, we love to be invited.  Public and private events are our favorite as that is where we really can shine and make your special event an event to remember. 



Bring our wood fired Italian oven to your party to create a one of a kind experience. 

edgeworks crowd.jpg

Public events

Do you have an event that is crying out for wood fired pizza?  Do you think your product and our would go beautifully together? 

Sirius margarita pizza.jpg

private events

Schools, businesses, clubs, conferences,  corporate, events, and whatever else you can dream up.